When do you start Green Card application process?

We start the GC process as soon as you complete one billing cycle with the client or after your H1B transfer petition is approved, whichever comes later.

Can you transfer L1 visas to H1B?

Yes we can. If it is a new H1B, it is subject to the cap and goes in the lottery. If the application is selected in Lottery, the consultant can start working in October. There is no need to go for stamping.

Do you provide job search assistance?

Yes we do. We have dedicated team of recruiters that starts contacting our esteemed clients as soon as we know of availability of the consultant. We have continuous inflow of the requirements from our direct clients and we aggressively try to fill those.

Do you renegotiate the salary package after consultant has spent some time?

Yes we consider renegotiating the package on a case by case basis. It varies with people, how long have they been associated, their billing rate, marketability etc.